The River Gallery Apartments – Leisure Facilities for Residents and their Guests.

Tropical Gardens

The River Gallery is set in extensive tropical gardens with water features and accessible to all Residents and their Guests with direct access to the riverfront and river walk.

Swimming Pool

Fresh water Swimming Pool is available to Residents and their Guests. Pool is heated during the winter months to 25C

Rules for the Pools use are posted around the Pool. Please read and observe if you are using the Pool.


Gymnasium has a range of Gymnasium equipment provided by Lifefitness.

Please familiarise yourself with the instructions displayed on each piece of equipment before use.

Sauna & Steam Room

Sauna and a Steam Room is available for Residents and their Guests.
Please ensure you and your Guests are familiar with the operation of the Sauna and Steam Room before use. Instructions for use are displayed in the respective rooms

Resident’s’ Library

How It Works…

Runs on “Borrow and Return or “Borrow and Replace” basis. Library is self regulating so no sign in or sign out. Relies on a “honesty” system which works well. The library is located in the basement of the Nolan Block.